Wednesday 14 December 2011

The Metaphorical Boat's top songs of 2011 - Number 1

Well, after a week of counting down 49 on my favourite songs of the year, the time has come to reveal what song has topped the countdown. And what a song it is:

1. The Vaccines - Norgaard

"Her mind's made up, she don't wanna go steady.
She's only seventeen, so she's probably not ready
A-M-A-N-D-A Norgaard
I saw you on a cover on Cross Bay Boulevard."

So the song that most sums up 2011 for The Metaphorical Boat is "Norgaard", The Vaccines' punk-pop song about a run-in with a Danish model. Whilst the song isn't complex (containing only three chords throughout), philosophical, nor boundary breaking (The Ramones or Eddie & the Hot Rods are frequently cited as comparisons), the song's 98 seconds serves it purpose well - to have a great time. Isn't that what rock music should be about?

Photo of The Vaccines is © Leon Diaper

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