Tuesday 7 March 2017

Owen Denvir - You Don't Want To Love Me

It's been a few months since we last talked about Belfast singer-songwriter Owen Denvir following the release of his "Green Light" single. As well as continuing to please local crowds with his live performances, he also enjoy a mini-blitz of media attention when a music video he made of himself playing a mash-up of Coldplay songs went viral after the band themselves tweeted about it.

Owen recently released a music video E.P, "Motion Picture Soundtrack", with each song on the record being accompanied by a live video of the track. The E.P seems to have gone down well, and one track in particular has been so well received that it has been promoted to full single status. "You Don't Want To Love Me" has been described as his tribute to "Eleanor Rigby", and you can hear why, with strings being brought to the forefront of an Owen Denvir single for the first time. It's a really lovely, heart-tugger of a song, and the triplicate of violas really give it that extra level of pathos.

"You Don't Want To Love Me" is released as a single on 10th March.

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