Sunday 3 April 2016

Ten Fé - Elodie

The band responsible for The Metaphorical Boat's favourite song of 2015, London duo Ten Fé, have started of 2016 rather strongly. Their previous single, "In The Air" picked up a lot of support online, causing it to race up the Hype Machine charts.

Now to capitalize on the momentum, the band have unleashed a new single on us. "Elodie" follows the same style of driving rock a la Bruce Springsteen/War On Drugs that marked "In The Air", albeit one which has a much more tender heart than its immediate predecessor.

It's a great track, and one can see why it has been released now in order to ensnare those people who were already enraptured by "In The Air". I do hope though that the next release sees a great emphasis on the more psychedelic aspects of their music that we've seen both on "Make Me Better" and from their hypnotic live sets. But with their debut album out this year, I'm sure that we'll be hearing lots of different sides to Ten Fé in 2016.

"Elodie" is out now.

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