Monday 4 April 2016

Draper ft. Prides - Break Over You

We here at The Metaphorical Boat aren't usually prone to hyperbole. Actually, that's a lie. We are prone to hyperbole ONE HUNDERED AND TEN PERCENT of the time. Although then again, that's probably another bit of hyperbole from us.

But regardless of whether we are indeed exaggeration enthusiasts or not, please pay full attention to what we are about to say. Okay? Here goes -

"Break Over You" is going to be a number one single.

Well, there's a chance we may be jumping our guns a little with that prediction, but what is definitely not in doubt is how fantastically catchy "Break Over You" is. The song is a collaboration between Kent based producer Draper, whose credits to date include co-writes with Lapsley and remixes for Ellie Goulding, and much loved and well regarded Glasgow synth-poppers Prides. The song is a slice of ice-cool synth-pop, the catchiness of which we haven't seen since "Midnight City" back in 2011 (the main riff does have a little bit of M83 to it).

Enjoy the song whilst it's still (relatively) underground. In several months time, "Break Over You" is going to be utterly unavoidable. Although in all honesty, we probably won't mind.

"Break Over You" is out now.

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