Wednesday 30 March 2016

Half Japanese Half Muscle - Loose Fitting Girls

The wonderfully monikered Half Japanese Half Muscle is a UK-based producer of Japanese origin who makes music that promises to call 'us to nirvana through the medium of a 110 bpm pop song'. He has just released his first single, and if "Loose Fitting Girls" is anything to go by, then he's setting the bar rather high indeed.

"Loose Fitting Girls" is an earworm-y synth-pop tune of the sort that made us go all gooey over The Naked & Famous and Passion Pit all those years ago. Filled to the brim with pop hooks and infectious hooks, it's a song that is guaranteed to get under your skin in a good way indeed.

The song has a video out, featuring a lonely salaryman attempting karaoke to the song, which is very much worth checking out - 

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