Thursday 10 March 2016

Silences - There's A Wolf

Armagh band Silences made everyone sit up and notice (and for us to continue granting them our attention) last year with the release of the accessible and affecting single "The Sea", which deservedly ended up being one of our favourite singles of 2015. It's fair to say that after that single, the next thing that they bring out was always going to be much anticipated.

Which brings us on to "There's A Wolf", which the band premiered this week. Quite surprisingly, after releasing what was their poppiest song to date, they've not followed up with a similarly accessible song, instead giving us something a little bit more left-field, whilst still being unmistakably sounding like the product of Conchúr White & co. "There's A Wolf" has the band's usual folk underpinnings, but here is is complimented by electronics and heavy guitars that take the song in a completely different direction in the song's final minute, and there's an underlying aggression in the song that we've rarely come to see in their music to date.

"There's A Wolf" is a brave song to for Silences to unleash after releasing a song as accessible as "The Sea", but it's a interesting shift from the band, showing us that there's more to them than the tender sounds we've come to know them for.

"There's A Wolf" is taken from the "Luna" E.P, which will be released on April 15th.

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