Sunday 18 March 2012

Professor Penguin - Pirate

London based nine piece (yes, there are nine of them - had to read the Press Release a few times to make sure I wasn't imagining it) Professor Penguin seem to have found a few famous fans in their short time around, with production guru Brian Eno apparently being among their supporters. The group will be releasing   their upcoming single, "Pirate", on 19th March, which is a charming introduction to the band.

"Pirate" is a slow building indie-rock tune that features some incredibly intelligent production values and some interesting lyrical word play - I particularly like the use of homonyms in the chorus, a technique that so often goes ignored in music today. Whilst I doubt the band's academic credentials (what kind of university would appoint a penguin?), their musicianship is rather good indeed.   

"Pirate" is taken from Professor Penguin's debut album "Planes", which is out on April 9th. 

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