Monday 5 March 2012

Fuzzy Empire - Contraband

 It's been all change in camp Fuzzy Empire since the last time I put metaphorical pen to paper about them. The Dublin electronica merchants have now expanded to a trio with the recent addition of bassist Hil White, and have marked the occasion with their first post-expansion song, "Contraband."

"Contraband" is the strongest song the group have released by far. The added bass has added a bit of depth to the group's sound, as well as adding, for perhaps the first time, a sense of fun. It's electro-punk territory calls to mind the less polished side to LCD Soundsystem, as well as calling to mind another Irish trio doing rather snazzy stuff at the moment, Not Squares. I'm not sure whether the song will act as the new "Ground Zero" for the project, but it's a great demonstration of a band with heaps of potential upping their game to exciting new levels.

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