Thursday 19 January 2012

Kayfabe - Bicycle Day in the Cosmos

Named after the term for a wrestling story line that is presented as real (presumably), Kayfabe is a collaboration between Nial Conway of Irish electro duo Nouveaunoise and singer/songwriter Paul Melia.

Their debut single "Bicycle Day In the Cosmos", is a promising start for the group. Both artists have taken the strongest elements from their own acts (Nial's ability to mould engaging electronic soundscapes, Paul's knack for writing strong pop hooks), and have created a monster of a tune.

As Paul sings on the chorus, "there's another place outside the one we know." Kayfabe is currently a side-project for the guys, but if they can continue to produce tunes as engaging as "Bicycle Day in the Cosmos", perhaps this other place could become their new home.

"Bicycle Day in the Cosmos" is available to download for free.

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