Saturday 18 February 2017

OUTLYA - The Light

We at The Metaphorical Boat were fans of the group Port Isla from the moment that a "Sinking Ship" first appeared on our radar in 2012. They released a few great singles after that, as well as impressing us at The Great Escape in 2014, but in recent times the band went quiet, and for all intents & purposes, Port Isla have been permanently docked on the Bay of Musical Break-Ups.

Thankfully, it looks as if a few shoots have sprung out of its carcass, as Will Bloomfield has formed a new band, the trio OUTLYA. They've got some weight behind them already, sharing the same management company as James Bay & George Ezra, and have just released their debut single, "The Light".

The song shows their intent right out of the gate, with its expansive sound sounding like Coldplay at their most anthemic ("Violet Hill" would be the nearest touchstone in our heads). It's a great opening statement of intent, and given its early buzz (the song made its way onto a rather influential Spotify playlist on its day of release), it could see OUTLYA achieve the success that Port Isla never got to enjoy.

"The Light" is out now.

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