Saturday 2 June 2012

Silhouette - Running Against the Wall

Things have been going rather swimmingly for Shauna Tohill, aka Silhouette, in recent months. If you have seen Snow Patrol live in recent months, there is a good chance that you have seen Shauna Tohill perform the female vocals on "Set the Fire to the Third Bar." As well as that, her last single, "Can't Keep Up", has become ubiquitous on NI TV due to its overwhelming exposure in a tourist advert for the province. 

Now that her profile has been raised substantially, she has released her latest single, which was launched last Thursday during Radar at The Speakeasy, Belfast (which incidentally, I reviewed for BBC's Across the Line. You can see that review here)."Running Against the Wall" is a powerful piece of grown-up pop music that is guaranteed to hold you by the unmentionables until you submit to its pure force. Shauna plays all the instruments on the record with the exception of drums, which are handled by her Rams' Pocket Radio band mate Peter McCauley. 

"Running Against the Wall" is out now as both a download and CD Single, with "Little Voices" as a b-side. 

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