Friday 22 June 2012

Les Bicyclettes De Belsize - Beatnik My Guest

Reading the biography of Les Bicyclettes De Belsize, it is hard to work out how much of it is genuine and how much is made-up whimsy. Apparently the band came about after lead single Charlie Darling "crashed his bike into a billboard poster of Peter Cook's wife." Weirder things have happened, I suppose.

Regardless of their biographical liberties, their track "Beaknik My Guest" is a wonderful slice of dreamy indie-pop, with gorgeous string melodies, and intelligent lyrics, which name check such luminaries as Jean-Paul Sartre and Jack Kerouac. It's a wonderful chamber-pop song, like The Divine Comedy sans the sarcasm.

"Beatnik My Guest" is available as a free download, and is taken from the group's album "The Ballad of Charlie Darling."

A hat-tip to the wonderful Fresh On the Net for alerting me to this great track.

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