Thursday 28 June 2012

The Rubbish Zoo - I Don't Know Where I Go

I thought the zoo we went to had far too many tiny Chinese dogs. It was a rubbish zoo! 

Whoops, messed up the punchline there.

But anyway, The Rubbish Zoo are a five piece band born in Wyoming but based in California, and are a band that seem to have a complete ball recording their music if "I Don't Know Where I Go" is anything to go by. The track has a rather upbeat feel to it with a Vampire Weekend/Givers kind of vibe. 

The track mixes these with close harmony vocals, incredibly strong pop hooks and some interesting keyboard sounds that sound like they should be featured on a cheesy 80s anthem and the soundtrack to Crash Bandicoot simultaneously. It's one of the most interesting songs I've heard so far this year, and perhaps one of the more fun tracks as well. 

"I Don't Know Where I Go" is taken from the band's 2nd E.P, "The Rubbish Zoo", which is out now. 

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