Monday 6 February 2012

Silhouette - Can't Keep Up

One of the interesting signs of the strength of the music scene in Northern Ireland is to observe how often music from the province is used in its adverts. In the past year, we've seen music from the Lowly Knights used to sell electricity, whilst Cashier No.9's "When Jackie Shone" was used as the soundtrack for a Belfast tourism video.

Now the Northern Ireland Tourist Board has released an advertisement that it hopes will get the masses flocking into the area, and the song they have chose to soundtrack it comes from Shauna Tohill, who performs under the pseudonym Silhouette

Ms Tohill has already begun to make a name for herself as bassist for blog favourite Rams' Pocket Radio, as well as performing live on stage with Snow Patrol as Gary Lightbody's female counterpart on "Set the Fire to the Third Bar", but she is also a great performer in her own right. "Can't Keep Up" is an energetic piece of dance-rock which calls to mind The Gossip. Shauna Tohill is in full-on diva mode throughout the song, with the strength of her vocals carrying the song through.

The NITB made a wise decision when they chose Silhouette to soundtrack their ni2012 advert. It's been many years (if at all) since this area has produced so much fantastic local music, and  "Can't Keep Up" is a sterling reminder of that.

"Can't Keep Up" is available to download from Silhouette's Bandcamp page, and the advert it features in can be seen here.

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