Sunday 12 February 2012

Parchutes Over Paris - Evolution of the Species

Belfast based sextet Parachutes Over Paris are shaping up to be one of the more exciting new bands to break through in NI in 2012. After spending a year honing their craft live, the group have just released their debut E.P "The Gultiness of Youth", from which "Evolution of the Species" is taken from.

"Evolution of the Species" is an exciting piece of indie-rock, with the synth and guitar lines working in tandem with each other to create something rather memorable. It's toe-tapping sensibility brings about obvious comparisons with Two Door Cinema Club, although the great lyrical depth sets them apart from them. Even more excitingly, when the band play this song live, there is ample use of cowbell, and we all know that the key to musical greatness is more cowbell (well, at least if you're a fan of THAT Saturday Night Live skit).

"The Guiltiness of Youth E.P" is available as a free download for a limited period.

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