Thursday 16 February 2012

The Diamond Noise - Never Say Never Say Never

I've always had a pechant for "short sharp shock" music - that is songs that are economical with their running times, whilst still remaining in-your-face and brimming with exciting, primal energy. Elastica's debut album remains the most consistant example of this sort of music, and individual efforts from The White Stripes (Fell In Love With a Girl, Hypnotize) and The Vaccines (Norgaard, Wreckin' Bar (Ra Ra Ra)) remain amongst their strongest sounds.

Which leads us on to London based quartet The Diamond Noise. Their debut single, the Greg Haver produced "Never Say Never Say Never", which in its sub-150 second timeframe more than delivers in the 3 s's. The song mixes the primal garage-punk that made people sit up and take notice of The Vaccines with the vocal stylings of The Hives (with the occasional Jack White inflection thrown in for good measure). If The Diamond Noise can continue with their short sharp shocks, then I expect we'll be seeing a great deal from these guys in the future.

"Never Say Never Say Never" will be released on 2nd April.

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