Thursday 23 February 2012

Crow Black Chicken - Murmuration

How do you like your blues-rock served? Polished like a 24 carat diamond? More easy going than a Dutch McDonald's worker? Or do you prefer it scuzzy, hard hitting and raucous? If it's the latter, then hard working Irish trio Crow Black Chicken are right up your metaphorical street. 

For a band that have over 100 gigs in the past year, including a prestigious slot at BBC Introducing stage at the Glastonbury Festival, it could be quite difficult to cross it over to a studio setting. Thankfully on "Murmuration", their latest single, the band have nailed it rather well, with the powerful, whiskey-soaked vocals and scuzzy blues guitar work of Christy O'Hanlon really shining through. It's an exciting single, as if someone's managed to bottle a hurricane.

"Murmuration" is available as a free download, and will feature on Crow Black Chicken's debut album, due out in May.

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