Monday 20 February 2012

Joywave - True Grit

After doing the music blogging thingy for a while, there is always the risk of unhealthy sense of lethargy setting in. When you spend all your time searching the web, the local scene and your inbox for the latest fantastic artist to blog about, it can feel that sometimes it can start to become something you feel you have to do, rather than something you want to do. I've always said to myself that when updating the blog starts to feel more like a chore rather than helping to spread the word about artist's I'm truly passionate about, then that's the time to bring the blog to it's conclusion. But anyway, you're not reading this blog to read my quarter-life crisis (and if you are, then you really need to get out more), you're reading this to find out about the latest great artist that makes this venture worthwhile, a group that floats my Metaphorical Boat

Hailing from Rochester, New York, Joywave make smart, accessable synth-pop with a heart of gold. "True Grit", the first track taken from their debut E.P, calls to mind "Saturdays=Youth" era M83, yet adds a layer of sophistication courtesy of some charming orchestral hits, as well as with the enrapturing vocals of Daniel Armbruster. This is enjoyable music indeed.

"True Grit" is taken from the band's debut E.P "Koda Vista", which will be released in March, and is available as a free download.

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