Monday, 31 October 2011

Glowbug - Where Is My Mind?

If hipsterdom had a loyalty scheme, then based upon "Covered in Lights Vol.1," Washington based Glowbug would surely have saved enough points to buy several pairs of thick framed glasses and Sylvia Plath's back catalogue.

The E.P contains covers of alt-friendly bands Radiohead, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and The Smiths. However, the highlight of the E.P is Mr Anderson's take on The Pixies' classic "Where Is My Mind?" This downtempo electronic cover version, with washes of reverb and shoegaze vocals, calls to mind the work of both Maps and Sigur Ros.

Interestingly, the title of the E.P suggests that there may be a sequel lined up in the future. Here's hoping that Suede, Teenage Fanclub & Eels are amongst the covers to be featured.

"Covered In Lights, Vol.1" is available to download for free from Glowbug's Bandcamp.

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