Thursday, 27 October 2011

Dead Social Club - This Painting Is Cursed

If the success of The Horrors' channelling of Simple Minds is anything to go by, then the world is desperately crying out for more 80s inspired synth-rockers to break it out of its collective doldrum. Thankfully, there are bands out there more than worthy of stepping up to the mark, such as London sextet Dead Social Club.

Their track "This Painting Is Cursed" begins with a massive Gary Numan-esque synth line, which morphs into a post-punk stomper with The Cure inspired miserabilistic vocals. If this track's anything to go by, then there may be milage in this New Wave revival yet. Just promise to leave the funky hair and make-up in the 80s, where it belongs.

"This Painting Is Cursed" is available as a free download, and is taken from Dead Social Club's "Syrian Kisses EP".

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