Monday, 29 May 2017

The Metaphorical Boat Podcast Episode 00 - Aidan Logan

We've been floating on The Metaphorical Boat blog for nearly six years now, and have spent the best part of six years doing what we do best, namely finding the best new music, then writing about said music. Well, some would argue that there are other things that we do better, but for the sake of argument, go with us on this point.

So after six years of writing about music, we have decided to try something outside of the written word, and enter the world of the spoken word. Hence, The Metaphorical Boat is proud to launch its first ever podcast. About 10 years later than everyone else in the world, but hey, better late than never.

In each episode, the Captain of The Metaphorical Boat, Mr Christopher McBride, will sit down with one of his favourite musicians, and over a cup of a lovely caffeinated beverage and a bun or tray-bake of the artist's choosing (The Captain always goes for Battenberg. Always), they will chat through the artist's life, musical highlights, and most importantly, how many sugars they take.

The first ever guest, on Episode 00* of The Metaphorical Boat Podcast, is Aidan Logan. Aidan is a Belfast based singer/songwriter who is gearing up to release his new E.P "Turbulence". On the podcast, we talk about his musical influences, what the music scene is like in Belfast, replacing Garth Brooks, playing in Nashville, and most importantly, what his favourite bun is.

Listen or download now on Soundcloud (iTunes etc will hopefully follow in the next few weeks):

Find out more about Aidan Logan on -
Facebook | Twitter | Website

*We are cleverly calling this episode 00 of the podcast, for if for some unforeseen reason the podcast doesn't progress beyond this episode, we can write it off as a one-off, or pilot episode. See, we're not just pretty faces. In fact, some would say that we're not even that.

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