Saturday 25 June 2016

Basement Revolver - Words

Hamilton-based trio Basement Revolver picked up quite a big of blog love off the back of their debut single, the wistful "Johnny", back in April. Of the back of its acclaim, the band signed a deal with a UK-based label to release an E.P next month, and the group are about to undertake a tour of Canada to support the release.

What's more, they've just released a new single in anticipation of all the exciting shenanigans ahead, called "Words". The song is about how words come to be meaningless when you think about them (like 'dreamt'. That's a very weird word when you say it over and over and over again). It follows on from their debut single in its mix of fuzzy guitars, Alvvays-esque indie-pop and the wistful delivery from Chrisy Hurn. If they can deliver more great singles like this, then maybe at some point they'll receive the same plaudits as their indie-pop contemporaries.

"Words" is taken from Basement Revolver's self-titled E.P, which is out on July 15th, as a download and on cassette.

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