Friday 4 September 2015

Juice - Acid Kids


We last wrote about Birmingham based trio Juice a year and a half ago when we featured their debut single "Sugar". Having heard very little from them since, we were worried that they might have fizzled out in spite of the largely warm reception that song received from the blogosphere. 

Thankfully those fears were unfounded, as 18 months and a line-up change later, the band have released their long-awaited follow-up single, "Acid Kids". Whilst the single is less indebted to the sound of pre-Britpop indie-rock than "Sugar", it will still tickle the fancy of those who like their Rides and their Mock Turtleses, with its catchy riffs and fuzzy guitars.
It's great to hear that Juice are still a going concern, but please, don't leave it another 18 months to your next single, okay?

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