Friday 18 November 2011

Codes - This is Goodbye

This isn't really a new song, but its eventual UK release is an event that I've waited three long years for.

I first heard Irish electro-rockers Codes when they supported Maps in the Spring & Airbrake back in 2008. Intrigued by their style, I picked up a copy of "This is Goodbye", and fell in love with it immediately, becoming my summer song that year.

The next year, they signed to Sony Ireland and re-recorded the song for inclusion on their debut album "Trees Dream in Algebra". Whilst I still prefered the original version (being the quasi-hipster that I am), the song retained everything that made it special in the first place, with it's 'grey whilstle test approved' hook and the empassioned vocal delivery from Daragh Anderson.

I saw Codes for the second time in 2010, when they played in the Limelight (supported by The Delays, strangely enough). With a stadium support slot with Keane between the two concerts, it was obvious that the band's showmanship had improved dramatically, with the energy of the room increasing tenfold when the group stormed their way through their set. Even more excitingly, I got the opportunity to interview Darragh for Queen's Radio, where we talked about, amongst other things, what the name of their album, "Trees Dream in Algebra", really means.

Fast forward to 2011, and Codes are finally gearing up to release their debut album in the UK. In anticipation of its release, they have made a cracking new video for "This is Goodbye", and have made the track available as a free download for a limited time. With a promotional push and a UK wide tour underway, it is my hope that the track finally gets the attention that it truly deserves.

This is Goodbye by Codes

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