Friday 4 November 2011

Calaca Strides - Graves

The enigmatic nature of lo-fi folk artist Calaca Strides makes information on the act, who have just released the debut E.P "Quiet Haunt", very difficult to come by. What I have learned about the artist so far is:

1. The music of Calaca Strides is made by one person, who is based in the north west of England.

2. He was formerly played keyboards in an electro band amongst other projects, which makes his forray into pastoral folk rather intriguing.

3. He takes inspiration from his moniker from the Mexican Day of the Dead and the illustrations of José Guadalupe Posada.

4. The lead track from the E.P, "Graves", sounds as if someone has attacked a Bon Iver master tape with a mix of hydrochloric acid and whiskey, with the finished product sounding jagged, yet somewhat endearing.

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