Saturday 3 October 2015

The Death of Pop - Gardens

Bournemouth based jangle-gazers The Death of Pop caught our attention last year with their fantastic single "Whenever", followed by their subsequent E.P "Fifths". Since then, they released an E.P over the summer (which features the short but sweet "Rayban Party"), and are now gearing up to release a new single as part of the Too Pure Singles Club.

"Gardens" is a song which pays tribute to the botanical influences of the band (seriously - this is an actual quote from their press release - "Without the tender co-cultivation of music and plants...The Death of Pop would be a very different band"). Once again, the song demonstrates the band's nous for mixing up post-punk, jangle-pop and shoegaze in their own delectable fashion.

"Gardens" will be released as a 7" single later this month.

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