Saturday 31 October 2015

Chris Tall - Time of Your Life

Here at The Metaphorical Boat we have always had a wee soft spot for a slice of well constructed "sax-house", i.e dance songs which feature the prominent use of a saxophone in their production. We've very much enjoyed songs like "Changes", "Vandaag", "Jubel", and yes, even that Moldovan Eurovision Song Contest entry from 2010 which seems to have unconsciously spurred off the whole sub-genre in the first place.

Which brings us nicely to the latest single by Swedish producer Chris Tall. He had a minor UK dance hit this year with the catchy, albeit mildly irritating "Duckface". The follow-up is "Time Of Your Life", a well constructed piece of pure dance pop, topped lovingly with a highly infectious saxophone riff. It's been stuck in our heads for the last few days since we first heard it, so if you're looking for the closest thing to a real, live earworm in 2015, you'd be hard pressed to find something better than this.

"Time Of Your Life" is out now.

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