Sunday, 25 October 2015

Pleasure Beach - Dreamer To The Dawn

It's been a good few months since we were first introduced to Belfast based Pleasure Beach, a band formed from the ashes of perpetual blog favourites Yes Cadets, through their excellent debut single "Go", a pulsating slice of driving rock that is very much in our top 3 songs released in 2015 called "Go" (alongside efforts by both Public Service Broadcasting and The Chemical Brothers). That song received a fair amount of love on the blogosphere, which has set them up nicely for the release of their debut E.P this month, on which it features.

The title track of said E.P is "Dreamer To The Dawn", which follows on nicely from the latter in sharing the same "Bruce Springsteen for the 21st century" sound that The War on Drugs have championed for the past few years. "Dreamer" is bit slower and a bit heavier on the keyboards than their debut, although it does have a stronger central guitar hook and is definitely more stadium friendly.

Dreamer To The Dawn" is an impeccable follow-up single from Pleasure Beach, which has solidified their perfect hit-rate of tunes to date. Although it might be a little premature, but we may have just found ourselves a band who are going to break through in a massive way in 2016.

The "Dreamer To The Dawn" E.P will be released on October 30th.

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