Monday 24 August 2015

Peter Cat - Keeping Up With Jacob

When you name your band after an jazz bar owned by celebrated Japanese author Haruki Murakami (who we understand is very good at the whole writing thing, although in truth we've so far only been able to get about 10 pages into Norwegian Wood), you know that you're dealing with a act with a much more intellectual bent than average.

Enter Peter Cat, a London based 4-piece who are self-proclaimed purveyors of "heartsleeve pop". Their latest track is "Keeping Up With Jacob", a wonderfully jaunty yet intellectually deep track, which like The Divine Comedy and Pulp before them treads the line between indie-rock and crooning to great effect, whilst also calling to mind more recent acts like Eugene McGuinness. The band have also released a video to accompany the album, which just has just the right mix of brilliance and weirdness.

"Keeping Up With Jacob" is available as a complimentary download from the band's website.

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