Monday 20 July 2015

The Wood Burning Savages - Premier League

Before music became my overwhelming passion, the one thing I loved more than anything else was football. Not playing the game, mind (although I did take part in Roccer last year with the guys from Chordblossom), but trying to learn everything about the game. Up until my early teens, I collected every single Merlin sticker book, was heavily addicted to Championship Manager 2 (pro-tip - Jason Trinder becomes a world class goalkeeper, and you can pick him up for free!), watched Match of The Day with religious fervour, and at one point could name every single manager for every single team in the top 4 divisions of the English League (long live Dario Gradi).

It's hard to pinpoint the exact moment when I fell out of love with football, but I believe that it was the moment when Muzzy Izzet left Leicester City to join Birmingham in June 2004. After this, music became the love of my life, spurred on by getting my first MP3 player and the near impeccable selection of groups who made up that year's BBC Sound of... poll, whose music brought me down the musical rabbit hole that consumes me to this day.

I still play Football Manager every now and again, and I usually follow the World Cup/Euro Championships whenever it is on, but if you were to ask me to name 10 players who currently play in the top flight, I would really struggle to get there. It's fair to say that whilst it was once the love of my life, now I don't care about the Premier League.

And that long, winding preamble brings me directly on to the business of the day, which is the brand new single by Derry band The Wood Burning Savages. They last entered our consciousness back in September last year with their explosive single "Boom", and have just released their latest single, "Premier League", a song which has been a live favourite from the band for some time now. Just like myself, it seems as if the band are not really fans of the Premier League, as they spit out a varied shopping list of things that they don't care about, which includes, but is not limited to, Mark Anthony, the Venus de Milo, the FTSE 100, and the aforementioned top flight of football, over a heavy, Manic Street Preachers-esque rock tune.

The Wood Burning Savages have done a great job of transfering the live energy of "Premier League" into this recording, and it stands head and shoulders as the best song that they've recorded to date. I can't see it being used to soundtrack the Goal of the Month on Match of The Day though, for obvious reasons. Long live "The Life Of Riley".

"Premier League" is out now.

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