Tuesday 28 July 2015

Flemmings - Get Away From Me Right Now

Another year, and another broken promise to myself that I will attend that years' Indietracks Festival, a festival set around a train station and filled to the brim with all things indie-pop. One imagines I shall get around to it one day, once the stars align and I finally work out where the heck Derbyshire actually is (I'd always thought it was a mythical place, like Atlantis, or Narnia), but for this year anyway, I remain trackless.

From the sounds of it, those who did go seemed to really enjoy themselves, with one band who played there who were repeatedly brought to our attention on the social medias being London band Flemmings. Unfortunately, it was not necessarily for positive reasons, given that during the festival the band had their tour van damaged by hoodlums. Still, it seems their set went down well on the day, so all's well and all all that.

They've also just released a new E.P, of which the lead track "Get Away From Me Right Now", is a real doozy of a tune. It combines tried and tested chord progressions with lo-fi, Husker Du esque guitars to give us something rather enjoyable indeed.

Their E.P "Shake Well Before Use" is available to buy now as a limited edition cassette.

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