Saturday 25 July 2015

4 Years of The Metaphorical Boat

Time for our annual self-congratulatory post, as yesterday, The Metaphorical Boat marked it's fourth year of existence. Go us!

Last year when we were marking this particular milestone, I mentioned that there was uncertainty as to whether the blog would remain afloat by the time we reached the same stage this year. As you can see, we did indeed make it in the end, although we've slowed things down to only a handful of posts each month, which are usually a lot more brief than what we would have tended to post.

There's a few things that we would have liked to cover, but never got around to. For example, the debut album from Public Service Broadcasting was my favourite album of 2013, yet we hadn't got around to reviewing their like reviewing their sophomore album. So I might as well do that now, albeit a bit more briefly than I would have intended:

"Although "The Race For Space" doesn't have the same strength of material as "Inform - Educate - Entertain", as a unified body of work, based around the theme of space exploration, it is much more coherent. The addition of live vocals on the title track and "Valentina" add an ethereal air to the proceedings, and the broadening of PSB's sound palette is very refreshing."

And that's another load off our mind.

So here's to another year at The Metaphorical Boat. Many thanks to anyone who's ever read or listened to anything that we've posted here, and thanks to everyone who makes fantastic music, without whom this blog would never have made it past its first day. We hope to be around writing about some fantastic music for the foreseeable future, but as real life begins to take us further away from music, you can never be too sure.

And to finish off this post is a new-ish song from one of the bands that we've been writing about on this blog from the very beginning, Wonder Villains. They recently covered Stiff Little Fingers' punk classic "Alternative Ulster" for the film Shooting For Socrates, adding a more electronic-pop flavour to the original.

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