Wednesday 24 June 2015

Pesky! - Keep Me

So many acts dream of being signed to the ultra-hip Fierce Panda indie record label, which is good news for Ulverston, Cumbria septet Pesky!, who are due to release their first E.P with them next month. What's even more remarkable however is just how young the band are - none of the members of the band are older than 12.

Their debut single "Keep Me" shows that the band are both more talented and with influences more broad than you would expect for a band of their age. The song mixes indie-pop and shoegaze elements, calling to mind some of the later, less sample-based songs from The Go! Team. The scary thing is, if they're sounding this good on their debut release, just imagine how fantastic they're going to be like a few years down the line. They're going to be world beaters.

"Keep Me" is taken from their debut E.P, the wonderfully titled "Smells Like Tween Spirit", which is released on July 24th.

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