Monday 1 June 2015

Girls Names - Reticence

Two years after the release of their largely liked 2nd album "The New Life", Belfast quartet Girls Names (a band whose name I still think is missing an apostrophe somewhere) have announced the release of a new LP near the end of the year, following the release of a mammoth 11-minute single a few months previously. The band have premiered the lead track  from the album, which acts as a welcome return for the band.

Oddly enough, once you get over the elongated krauty intro, "Reticence" gives way to what is quite possibly the most upbeat Girls Names song to date. There's still the same post-punk influences that the band have been known for, but this time it's a little less Joy Division, a little bit more Franz Ferdinand, but still unmistakably the same of GL. Whether this means that the band are going for a more 'mainstream' sound isn't clear yet, but it is enough to satiate the appetite for anyone awaiting its eventual release.

The third album from Girls Names,  "Arms Around a Vision", will be released on October 2nd.

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