Monday 22 June 2015

C Duncan - Garden

Glasgow singer-songwriter Christopher Duncan (who records under the name C Duncan) first came to this blog's attention last month after hearing his song "Castle Walls" on Alcopop! Records' Record Store Day compilation album, being floored by the wonderful wall of voices that it contains (that version seems to only be available to people who buy the E.P, although there is a video of him performing it in session with BBC Radio Scotland).

It would appear that we're not the only ones enamoured with Mr Duncan at the moment, seeing that his new single "Garden" has already been playlisted on BBC 6music, and with good reason. It might be a little premature, but "Garden" is an early contender for our song of the year. Like "Castle Walls" before it, its bedrock is wonderful multi-multi layered vocals that just sump out of the speakers, but this time it's been augmented with a 60s psychedelic pop sound to create something both ethereal and fantastic. Plus, it reminds us a little bit of Geneva, which is always a good thing. C Duncan has hit on something good here, let's hope he can continue to deliver.

"Garden" will be released on July 10th, with his debut album "Architect" out on July 17th.

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