Monday 26 June 2017

Vokxen - Blood Vein

We haven't mentioned Co. Antrim based synth-pop quartet Vokxen on the blog for quite a while, last spilling digital ink on their behalf back in 2015 following the release of their debut single "Somebody". They've kept something of a low profile since then, although they were selected to be mentored as part of local music hub Oh Yeah! Centre's Scratch My Progress scheme.

They're starting to kick back into action now, and on the strength of their new single "Blood Vein", they are going to garner quite a bit of attention indeed. The song is a strong stormer of a synth-pop song, which called to mind the sound of late New Order, with strong, unconventional (for this genre of music anyway) vocals that may appeal to fans of London Grammar.

"Blood Vein" is available to download, in exchange for a modest fee, now.

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