Tuesday 15 December 2015

The Metaphorical Boat's Top Songs of 2015 - 20-16

We're now knee-deep into the top 20, as we get ever closer to finding out who is going to be The Metaphorical Boat's Top Song of 2015 (well, I say "we". I already know what the number one song is because, you know, it's my blog). Songs that ranked 20 to 16 are up next, and they feature two of the most promising new(ish) Northern Irish bands around (one of which counts a Wonder Villain as a member - exciting stuff!), Japanese J-rock, Canadian indie-rock, and the most gosh-darn infectious dance track released this year - 

20. In An Instant - Come the Night

19. Pleasure Beach Go

18. nano.RIPE - Kotae Awase

17. Destroyer - Dream Lover

16. Galantis - Peanut Butter Jelly

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