Thursday 1 January 2015

Not Squares - Oops Said Hi

It seems like it's been an age, but after five long years, Belfast trio Not Squares are finally going to release their follow-up to 2010's "Yeah OK" this year. They've given us a few nuggets since then, including "Fall Far" in 2012 and "Simpler Vibe" the next year (both of which one assumes will feature on the upcoming album), as well as the occasional remix every now and then. But with the new album only a few months away, the band have started to tease the release with a new song to be taken from the album, "Oops Said Hi".

The song follows in the footsteps of their more recent singles by bypassing the more rocky elements of their debut album in exchange for a purer electronic-dance vibe, complete with vocoded vocals and synth yumminess, although that doesn't stop them throwing in a bass solo just for fun. If "Oops Said Hi" isn't enough to whet your appetite for their new album, then unfortunately your palette is beyond redemption.

"Oops Said Hi" is taken from Not Squares' 2nd album "Bolts", which will be released in April.

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