Tuesday 13 September 2011

Getting revenge on thieves the Window Seats way.

Out of all the people that make the decision to stop making a contribution to society and start a life of theft instead, there is no people I despise more than those who steal from hard working musicians. One local band, The Cast of Cheers, had their gear stolen within their first few weeks of relocating to London, whilst Suede credit their lack of sucess in America to an incident when their gear was stolen whilst touring there.

Last week, the bassist of Belfast trio Window Seats had a valuable camera stolen from his car by a group of thieves. In order to get even, and perhaps to find out who it was who carried out the theft, the band posted a video of the CCTV footage of the incident, complete with a cover of a Green Day song, the very appropriately titled "Scumbag". You can view the video below, and if you do have any information about the theft, do let the band know:

Window Seats will be launching their next single, "Local Superhero", on 6th October in the Menagerie, Belfast.

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