Saturday 15 December 2018

The Metaphorical Boat's Top Songs of 2018 - 50-46

Time for the annual listageddon here at The Metaphorical Boat. Over the next few days we will be counting down the blog's top 50 songs of 2018. There will be songs that have featured on the blog, songs that didn't feature on the blog, songs that have graced our lovely Spotify playlists over the last 12 months, and songs that really should have featured. But regardless, they are all awesome, and hopefully there will be a few songs here that will float your Metaphorical Boat.

Let us begin, as we normally do, with the songs at numbers 50 through 46 in our favourite songs of 2018. The part of the countdown features some noise-rock from the North West of England, English folk, Dutch electro-rockers who aren't fans of orange, Omagh musican-cum podcaster extraordinaire, and Wolverine himself - 

50. Hugh Jackman - The Greatest Show

49. Son of The Hound - The Also Rans

48. De Staat - KITTY KITTY

47. Straw Bear - Be Prepared

46. Déjà Vega - Eyes of Steel

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