Saturday 20 October 2018

Conor Mason - We Watched The Sky Rotate

Derry based singer/songwriter Conor Mason has been involved with several music projects over the past few years, including being involved with blog favourites PORTS & Our Krypton Son. He's also released a number of solo albums over the years, with his first new album under his own name since 2012 due out next month.

As well as featuring a new version of a track that we first wrote about back in 2011 (which unfortunately is no longer available on the interwebs), the album also features the rather nice single "We Watched The Sky Rotate". If you're familiar with PORTS, it's musically in a similar musical area, an atmospheric piano-led folk track with a wistful & tender central melody.

"We Watched The Sky Rotate" is taken from Conor Mason's 4th solo album, "On The Surface", which is out on 2nd November.

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