Saturday 19 November 2016

Hannah McPhillimy - Ruins

It has been a while - nearly four years in fact - since we last mentioned local singer-songwriter Hannah McPhillimy on these pages. Not that she's been silent the past few years mind you - she joined synth-pop band Go Wolf, whom we've talked about quite a bit, and has still been plugging away on her own material, most notably the "Disappear Here" EP released in 2015 in collaboration with author Jan Carson.

Her most recent release is "Wind Machine", which came out in June. Produced by Julie Mclarnon, who's worked with Neutral Milk Hotel & King Creosote among others, the E.P mixes folk and jazz influences into a package topped off by Hannah's plaintive and honest vocals.

Taken from the E.P is "Ruins", which for lack of a better term, is the most accessible song on the E.P, with it's familiar chord structure and emotive and endearing chorus, so it's no surprise to see that it receive the video treatment. The video sees Hannah singing in the forest, interspersed with scenes of what can only be described as the most intensive game of Jenga ever played. We were under the impression that the video is a pastiche of the chess game from the Ingmar Bergan film The Seventh Seal, although we've been since informed that it's most likely a coincidence.

The "Wind Machine" E.P from Hannah McPhillimy is out now.

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