Saturday 20 February 2016

Wake America - Silly Boy

It's safe to say that Derry musician Eoin O'Callaghan likes to keep himself busy, musically speaking. It's barely been a few months since Best Boy Grip released its debut album (one of the best of 2015 in our humble opinion), and already he's set his eyes on musical diversification with a new project, Wake America. They played their debut gig on Thursday in Aether & Echo in Belfast, and it's easy to see why he's spun this off into a project separate from BBG. Performing with Liam Craig on guitar, their sound focuses more on electronic elements and is a lot more abrasive that  piano-orientated sounds of BBG.

Despite only playing their first gig a few days ago, Wake America have already picked up quite a bit of love for their debut single "Silly Boy", which not only received attention online and on the radio, but was also dissected and debated on BBC 6music as part of Steve Lamacq's Roundtable. It should only take one listen to realise why it's taken off to the extent that it has.

Its mix of plaintive and self-depreciating melody, meticulously layered keyboards and a highly infectious riff make the song absolutely irresistible. Also playing to its favour is the fact that for once, it is very hard to directly compare the sound of the song to anything else that is currently out there. If pushed, we'd say that it's reminds us slightly of the more psychedelic end of The Verve, or possibly how Aphrodite's Child might sound like if they had 2016's keyboard technology at their disposal rather than 1972's.

"Silly Boy" will be released on limited edition 7" vinyl on March 4th.

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