Tuesday 24 November 2015

In An Instant - Come The Night

For quite a while now, Bangor based trio In An Instant have been one of our favourite new artists to emerge from Northern Ireland in the past few years, first wowing us with their demo "All Binds Fall Undone", and then stepping things up a notch with their "Light You Know and Love" E.P back in 2014. For the past year and a half though they have kept something of a low profile, with very little in the way of live dates or activity seeming to come from them. Thankfully there's been a lot going on behind the scenes, and today we are glad to see the IIA boys have finally released a new single, "Come The Night".

Produced and engineered by local demi-god Rocky O'Reilly, "Come The Night" furthers the template that the band first used on "All Binds Fall Undone" and "Something Right And Something Real" - the song starts with an electronic intro, which is then followed by the main guitar hook which later recurs to become the melodic backbone of the chorus. The verses are then relatively quiet, until we get hit with the sonic onslaught of the choruses, which are usually followed by a post-chorus which introduces a new guitar hook which acts as a counterpoint to the main guitar line. It's a very effective template, which the band have used to great effect on "Come The Night", which is perhaps their most polished, radio-friendly tune released to date. Plus the verses remind us a little bit of "Acquiesce" by Oasis, which is never a bad thing at all.

"Come The Night" is a welcome return from one of our favourite local electro-rock groups. Given the backing that In An Instant have received for this release, we hope that this is going to be catalyst that springs them towards even bigger things.

"Come The Night" is out now.

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