Tuesday 14 April 2015

All Tvvins - Thank You

All Tvvins* is the project of Conor Adams and Lar Kaye, who over the past few years have been individually involved in a number of Irish bands, the most prominent being The Cast of Cheers and Adebisi Shank. Following a year building up their reputation, including a slot supporting Arcade Fire, the band signed to Warner Music, dropped their first single on us a few weeks back, picking up a lot of love in the intervening period.

And if you've heard "Thank You", then it should come as no surprise, as it's an absolutely fantastic song. Channelling the '80s rock-but-updated' template that brought The War On Drugs to international success last year, "Thank You" is a driven, stadium ready anthem-in-waiting filled with more than enough hooks to please even the most masochistic Cenobite.

"Thank You" has all the hallmarks of the first sign of All Tvvins' inevitable super stardom. With major label backing, and more tunes in their arsenal like this, they are going to be an insatiable prospect over the next year.

"Thank You" is available to download/stream now.

*pronounced "All Twins", because as Alvvays taught us, w's are so post-Latin.

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