Wednesday 17 August 2011

Team Genius - Love and Love Songs

I can already hear the various denizens of the Metaphorical Boat saying "what's that, Mr. McBride? ANOTHER song about not writing a song? Don't you realize that we've had to suffer through songs by Sara Bareilles and Weezer on that very same subject in the past few years?" Well fear not, music fans, for this song by Brooklyn septet Team Genius is very, very good indeed.

Very nearly bordering on twee, "Love and Love Songs" has echoes of the softer electro-rock moments of LCD Soundsystem, as well as sounding like a more reserved version of Los Campesinos! It also features one of the best examples of start/stop drums this side of "Release the Bees" by Not Squares.

"Love and Love Songs" by Team Genius will feature on their "Pop Songs E.P", and is available to download for free now, courtesy of Paper Garden Records (a label who seem unable to do any wrong at the moment).

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