Saturday, 30 November 2019

Drop The Shadow - Other Voices

Drop The Shadow are a rock trio that hail from Dublin. Having released their debut single "Break The Fall" last year, they have now followed it up with "Other Voices". The song calls to mind the sound of early 90s American alt-rock, as well as the sound of more contemporary influences like Wolf Alice & Tame Impala.

The group have released a music video shot in Dublin, which features what is probably the only instance of a hair-metal hurling match in a music video (as far as we know, we haven't watched many KISS videos):

"Other Voices" is out now.

Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Lore - More Than This

Since forming in 2015, Derry 4-piece Lore have released an E.P, a few singles (including a radical folk re-working of "Teenage Kicks", and have been touring all over the country with their folk-pop stylings. If you haven't come across them before, their most recent single, "More Than This", is a good introduction to them. The song is one that should win over fans of the most recent remake of A Star Is Born, as the country-esque sound and crescendoing male/female vocals do call to mind the song "Shallow" from that soundtrack.

"More Than This" is out now.

Monday, 26 August 2019

Mark Hegan - Skyward

It's great to get new music from an artist that we've been fans of on The Metaphorical Boat in different guises. One of the Northern Irish acts that we were really excited about was In An Instant, who released some great songs that melded together indie-rock with electronic elements extremely well, like "All Binds Fall Undone", "Where The Demons & The Devils Speak", and a track that ended up in our Top 10 Songs of 2014, "Something Right & Something Real". Alas, like many local acts, the band called it a day not too long after releasing their final single in 2016 without gaining the wider attention that they definitely deserved.

Fast forward three years, one of the members of that band, Mark Hegan, has just released his debut single under his own name, "Skyward", having re-located from Bangor to London. If like me, you were a fan of In An Instant, then you will instantly enjoy this new track, as it is not a million miles away from the music he was producing in his old group. It's not as upbeat as prior songs he's been involved with, although given that the song's about isolation and feelings of losing one's identity, but it still successfully melds of electronic and rock elements in a great way. In particular, we do enjoy the little guitar licks, which reminds us of Mark Knopfler's solo works.

In An Instant may not have had the success I would have wanted them to, but Mark Hegan has shown with his debut single that he's still got some great tunes in him.

"Skyward" is out now.

Saturday, 20 July 2019

Wojtek The Bear - A Long Wait For Bad News

Fun fact - Wojtek was a bear who was enlisted in the Polish Army during World War II, rising to the rank of corporal, before retiring to Scotland and living out his life in Edinburgh Zoo.

I'm presuming that it is this ursine and its Scottish connection is where Glasgow band wojtek the bear (all lower case) took their name from. The band released their debut album last year, and are just about to set sail with Belle & Sebastian, Teenage Fanclub & a host of other heavy hitters on a set of Mediterranean dates.

The group have just released their latest single, and second of 2019, called "a long wait for bad news". Musically, the song calls to mind the sound of fellow compatriots Idlewild & King Creosote, a melancholic folk-inflected indie-rock song, held together by the sorrowful and haunting tones of Tam Killean.

"A long wait for bad news" by wojtek the bear will feature on "old names for new shapes", a limited edition 10" vinyl collecting the band's planned single releases for the year, in November 2019.

Saturday, 8 June 2019

Buí - Something Else to Talk About

The Belfast-based group Buí first came to our attention back in 2017 off the release of their album "Eugene", and particular its lead track, "People Don't Think", which was a lovely chunk of lo-fi gooeyness.

They've since signed to a label run by producer Julie McLarnon, and the first release to come from this is "Something Else To Talk About", which if you've never heard Buí before is a great introduction to them, and if you have, it's a good continuation of their already established sound. The song is very much indebted to 90s American alternative rock, with its use of analogue synthesizers and slacker-esque sensibility calling to mind the sound of Grandaddy & early Fountains of Wayne, with a little bit of Pavement thrown in for good measure. It's not often we hear bands from here embracing this kind of lo-fi sounds here, so it is quite a refreshing track.

Just as refreshing is the music video for the song, which is an 8-bit animated extravaganza, which sees the band walking past some of their favourite places around Belfast, including McHughs, the Duncairn Arts Centre, The Empire, and of course Boojum (because there is is a rule in place - if you are from Belfast and you enjoy Boojum, then it is your duty to tell everyone who is not from Belfast that when you come to Belfast, you have to visit Boojum).

"Something Else To Talk About" is out now as a 7" vinyl, backed with "People Don't Think", on Analogue Catalogue Records.