Tuesday 20 May 2014

The Jepettos ft Tabitha Agnew - Orchard

The Jepettos sure love a good old collaboration, don't they? Less than a year after collaborating with Alana Henderson and Scott Jamison on "Water", the Derry duo have teamed up with 15-year old Tabitha Agnew on their new single, "Orchard". Tabitha is a member of bluegrass trio Cup O' Joe (who despite their name, hail from Armagh), and plays the banjo and takes lead vocals on the track, adding a country flavour to The Jepettos' traditional 'lullaby folk' archetype. Country-ish music is currently enjoying its best press in years, thanks in no small part to Avicii, and recently evidenced when The Common Linnets got a surprise top 10 hit this week, so hopefully "Orchard" will be warmly welcomed in many quarters.

"Orchard" is available to download now for a reasonable price.

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