Thursday 20 June 2013

In An Instant - All Binds Fall Undone

Anyone know of any indie/dance trios hailing from Bangor who've gone on to major worldwide success in the past few years?


Oh well, maybe at some point we'll see that happen. Until then we will just have to sit back and enjoy "All Binds Fall Undone", from Bangor trio In An Instant. In what seems to be something of a trend for tracks this week on the blog, the song is listed as being in demo form, yet already sounds as if it's ready for radio domination. The track mixes mainstream dance production with a guitar aesthetic to make something that is both familiar yet wonderfully fresh at the same time, and would sound just as at home playing out at Creamfields as it would be on the Radio 1 playlist. Keep an eye on this track, for when it exits the demo stage and becomes fully realised, this song is going to slay everybody left, right and centre.

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