Monday 29 February 2016

Yakima - Burn

If you've read this blog before, then you'll be well aware that in our humble opinion the greatest band of all time is Suede. Because our love of the band is so great, we don't normally tend to be big fans of artists that tend to have a sound that is too similar to Suede, as the only band that should sound like Suede are Suede themselves. Of course like most self-imposed rules there are a number of exceptions - Geneva, Placebo and Tribes tend to spring to mind, and in those cases there is just enough going on in their music to fully differentiate themselves from Brett & co's pantheon.

And now we're going to have to add another exception to our list - Glaswegian four-piece Yakima. They've released two E.Ps in the past under the name Franklln, but "Burn" is the first single released under their current guise, and it's an absolute  joy. Those meandering guitars are pure, pure Suede-y goodness. You could have put those guitars on their most recent album, "Night Thoughts", and they would have fit in exceedingly well, which given that that album has been called their best one in 20 years, is mighty high praise indeed.

Of course there's enough here to differentiate them from being solely indebted to the mighty Suede - their vocals sit more on the dreamy end of the spectrum and are more shoegaze inflected than Brett Anderson's straight-up rock singing style for example. And if "Burn" shows us the direction that the band are going to be taking from here on in, we're going to have to sign up for the journey.

"Burn" is taken from their self-titled E.P, which will be released on March 15th.

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